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SB Rail Asset Management ISO55001


SB Rail Asset Management ISO55001

Our Asset Management presents SB Rail’s vision, strategic direction and strategy implementation roadmap that will deliver improved asset information across the Joint Venture. It establishes a clear line of sight from corporate business plans through to the delivery of strategic improvements to the Asset Information System.

SB Rail faces a number of challenges around asset information management, including:

  • Increasing quantity and complexity of asset related information
  • Increasing numbers of information islands within the enterprise
  • Multiple sources of information for fact-based decision making
  • Divergent content domains

To overcome challenges in the current Asset Information System and meet the expectation that technology will support business decisions, SB Rail’s Asset Information Strategy is to establish an authoritative single source of truth for Asset Information through centralised systems.  This includes greater utilisation of the core system functionalities and facilitation of the integration of subsidiary systems with the core system. 

Technology, People, and Process centric asset information system improvements are proposed in this strategy and the future direction of the Asset Information System is outlined encompassing: e upgrade, information mobility, business intelligence, information standards, geospatial capability, data quality, innovation, sustainability, and system resilience improvements.

Quality information underpins many aspects of sound Asset Management; as such information management is vital in increasing SB Rail’s Asset Management Maturity. Increases in the Asset Information Maturity leads to better quality information and shifts in the ability to make evidence based decisions. With improved knowledge, SB Rail will be in a better position to manage its asset portfolio for the benefit of the Customers and other clients.

Improving the Asset Information System is not a one off activity, it is a journey of continuous improvement combined with innovation, quality improvement and information maturity. It is a significant step towards achieving SB Rail’s Asset Information Vision

To provide readily accessible, reliable, and useful asset information to the right people at the right time so that evidence-based decisions that balance risk, performance, and expenditure can be made”.

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