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Unimat 08-16 4×4 C RT

Additional information:

  • Lifting and lining unit with lifting hooks and roller clamps
  • ALC Automatic Guiding Computer
  • W6A UK profile
  • Route availability RA3
  • DR 73916 fitted with Sprinter for short wavelength fault corrections
Operating range: Tamping Machine
Manufacturer: Plasser & Theurer
Type: Unimat 08-16 4x4 C RT
Date of manufacture: 2000 (2x)
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Technical Data

Weight: 63 tonnes
Length: 18.4 m
Width: 2.77 m
Height: 3.84 m
Total engine output: 240 kW
Hourly rating: 440 m/h
Number of axles: 4
Maximum speed, self-propelled & towed: 50 mph / 80 kph


Our fleet of on-track machines is the most advanced in the UK, including the latest tamping, ballast management, and crane technologies available.

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