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Diversified fleet

Our range of machines enable efficient delivery on all track types.


KRC 500 S – Tandem Tensioning System (TTS)

The KRC 500 S has been specifically developed for the installation of large modular track panels. The methodology is based on the use of two KRC 250 cranes with an integrated wagon creating a fixed-formation system capable of lifting panels up to and including those for ‘G’ switches.

The use of cranes in a tandem lifting arrangement usually demands a 50% down-rating to mitigate against one crane overburdening the other when a load is suspended between them. SB Rail’s patented TTS system reduces this down-rating requirement to just 10%, allowing heavier loads to be lifted by two of our cranes in unison.

The KRC 500 S is enabled by our patented robotic arm together with load slide prevention technology to ensure stringent control during tandem lifts. The technology allows operators to retain complete control over loads and tension arising from the two point lifting system.

Through graduated audio-visual warnings connected to the TTS, each operator is able to work in unison to manage tension on the load within safe working limits.

The robotic arm attached to each jib rigidly attaches loads with a shackle preventing sway. The absence of ropes and pulleys ensures loads are no longer subject to uncontrolled movement and completely resistant to load slide in an emergency stop situation.

Manufacturer: Kirow crane, SB Rail TTS
Type: 2 x KRC 250 UK cranes in SB Rail fixed formation
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Technical Data

Loading gauge: W6A
Route availability: RA8
Weight: 105 tonnes
Length: 12 m
Crane capacity: 250 tonne metres (25T)
Maximum jib extention: 16 m
Wagon length: 20.2 m
Wagon weight: 25.2 tonnes
Maximum operating cant: 180 mm
Maximum speed (loco-hauled): 60 mph
Maximum speed (self-propelled): Up to 20mph (load dependent)
Max operating gradient: 1 in 25
Ability to Tow other rolling stock: Up to 300 tonnes
Operators required: 1


Our fleet of on-track machines is the most advanced in the UK, including the latest tamping, ballast management, and crane technologies available.

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