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Kirow KRC 250 UK – Extending counterweight

Complete with an extending counterweight our latestĀ KRC 250 reduces axle loads, allowing a greater scope of lifting operations to be undertaken.

Whilst extending counterweight technology isn’t new, it has up to now been the preserve of the larger KRC 810 and KRC 1200 cranes in UK operation. Having this technology available on the KRC 250 for the first time enables a greater range of lifting operations to be carried out with this smaller and more nimble rail mounted crane.

The extending counterweight distributes load over the wheel-sets more evenly, bringing more lifting scenarios within acceptable working limits.


Crane attachments available:

  • Hook
  • Robot arm
  • 25T lifting beam
  • Panel lifting beam
  • 40T tandem lifting beam
  • Automatic sleeper relaying beam
  • Vibro piling head
Manufacturer: Kirow
Type: KRC 250 UK Rail Crane with extending counterweight
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Technical Data

Loading gauge: W6A
Route availability: RA8
Weight: 105 tonnes
Length: 12 m
Crane capacity: 250 tonne/m (25T)
Maximum jib extention: 17.2 m
Wagon length: 20.2 m
Wagon weight: 25.2 tonnes
Maximum operating cant: 180 mm
Maximum speed (loco-hauled): 60 mph
Maximum speed (self-propelled): Up to 20 mph
Max operating gradient: 1 in 25
Ability to Tow other rolling stock: Up to 300 tonnes
Operators required: 1


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