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Diversified fleet

Our range of machines enable efficient delivery on all track types.


Electrification Piling Train (EPT)

The EPT sets a new standard for railway infrastructure piling operations by delivering true high output performance.

The system is formed from a KRC 250 rail crane, SB Rail’s unique robotic crane head and a side insertion pile driver.

EPT offers greater power and reach over RRVs and is self-contained, requiring no site deliveries. Safer operations are achieved through a production line approach, with fewer individual machines and movements required on site.

Where greater driving depths are required, or in the event of more challenging ground conditions, the cranes are configured to use a secondary heavy-duty vibrating pile hammer to ensure minimal refusals.

Manufacturer: Kirow crane. SB Rail attachments, pile wagons and systems integration. Movax piling head.
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Technical Data

Loading gauge: W6A
Route availability: RA8
Weight: 105 tonnes
Length: 12 m
Crane capacity: 250 tonne/m (25T)
Maximum jib extention: 16 m
Wagon length: 20.2 m
Wagon weight: 25.2 tonnes
Maximum operating cant: 180 mm
Maximum speed (loco-hauled): 60 mph
Maximum speed (self-propelled): Up to 20 mph
Max operating gradient: 1 in 25
Ability to Tow other rolling stock: Up to 300 tonnes
Operators required: 1


Our fleet of on-track machines is the most advanced in the UK, including the latest tamping, ballast management, and crane technologies available.

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