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Diversified fleet

Our range of machines enable efficient delivery on all track types.


Mast / portal / boom installations

SB Rail’s KRC 250 cranes are the perfect tool for undertaking electrification mast, portal or boom installations.

Higher power, reach and versatility of the rail cranes reduces the number of machines and movements required on site, increasing productivity and improving safety.

SB Rail’s KRC 250 cranes maximise the boom span and weight lifting capability as well as reducing human-machine interfaces to improve safety when installing large spans.

Manufacturer: Kirow crane, SB Rail attachments
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Technical Data

Loading gauge: W6A
Route availability: RA8
Weight: 105 tonnes
Length: 12 m
Crane capacity: 250 tonne/m (25T)
Maximum jib extention: 16m
Wagon length: 20.2 m
Wagon weight: 25.2 tonnes
Maximum operating cant: 180 mm
Maximum speed (loco-hauled): 60 mph
Maximum speed (self-propelled): Up to 20 mph
Max operating gradient: 1 in 25
Ability to Tow other rolling stock: Up to 300 tonnes
Operators required: 1


Our fleet of on-track machines is the most advanced in the UK, including the latest tamping, ballast management, and crane technologies available.

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