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Crane technology – Robot arm

SB Rail’s Robot Arm is an enabling device attached to the end of our crane booms via a ‘quick hitch’ couple and provides complete control over tilt, rotation, inclination and placement of loads.

The Robot Arm allows our crane operators to manipulate and place loads with pinpoint accuracy.  Long, wide or complex components can be carefully moved around various rail infrastructure features, including OLE, station canopies, footbridges and other line-side equipment.

The Robot Arm is unique to SB Rail and unlocks the potential of our cranes by enabling a variety of ancillary attachments. These attachments provide a complete suite of tools for removing and replacing track, installing rail, excavation and scarification.

This increased flexibility cannot be replicated by conventional cranes with pulleys and hooks, or by road-rail excavators.


  • Lift, tilt and rotate loads in any direction.
  • Enable multi-purpose functions and devices.
  • Precise horizontal and vertical positioning.
  • Rigid attachment eliminates load sway.
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Our fleet of on-track machines is the most advanced in the UK, including the latest tamping, ballast management, and crane technologies available.

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