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High Speed 1

SB Rail’s contract to provide track survey, design, tamping and ballast regulating services on behalf of Network Rail (High Speed) has seen the JV deploy equipment completely new in the United Kingdom.

The principal machine on the contract is a Plasser and Theurer 09-32/4S tamper fitted with dynamic track stabiliser and shoulder consolidators. It is purpose built to provide high output tamping performance on high speed networks where there is a prevalence of standardised concrete bearer switch and crossing layouts. The machine delivers significantly higher outputs than conventional dual purpose tampers and is the only DTS continuous action 32 tool S&C tamper operating in the UK. The machine is built to a European standard structure gauge, compatible with High Speed 1 infrastructure, but too large for the majority of the UK ‘classic’ network.

On maintenance operations the highest performance is achieved on obstruction-less layouts where the tamping module, complete with 4 split head units, is able to operate singly or in multiple. Continuous action tamping on two beams per cycle provides the shortest possible tamping time and is highly cost efficient. On renewals operations the machine’s stabilising unit eliminates the need for costly 4 and 12 week follow up tamping works. In many circumstances S&C renewals incorporate geometry adjustments to connected plain line over considerable distances. In these situations two tampers are often required, one to carry out the work on the layout itself, and the other on associated plain line. The enhanced outputs offered by this machine on both S&C and plain line eliminates the need for secondary or support machines.

Summary of the benefits the 09-32/4S Dynamic offers:

  • Delivers twice the output of older 08 Unimat designs.
  • Higher hand-back speeds.
  • Less frequent interventions.
  • Improved geometry sustainability.
  • Eliminates the need for secondary machines.
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Our fleet of on-track machines is the most advanced in the UK, including the latest tamping, ballast management, and crane technologies available.

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