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Crane technology – Adjacent line open working

Adjacent Line Open (ALO) operations have become increasingly important for reducing disruptive access on busy areas of the railway network.

SB Rail’s KRC 250 cranes and unique Robot Arm have been developed to offer increased levels of precision and control over suspended loads. This cannot be replicated by conventional cranes and provides enhanced safety assurance.

  • Load sway is eliminated by rigid attachment of loads to the crane boom via the Robot Arm.
  • The crane operator retains complete control over load movements, including under emergency stop situations.
  • The combination of the crane and Robot Arm allow loads to be placed more precisely.
  • The crane and its specialist attachments increase mechanisation of track renewal processes and reduce site operative support requirements.
  • Train operations on adjacent lines are able to continue safely due to programmable ‘electronic wall’ restrictions.


  • Rigid load attachment.
  • Precision and control.
  • Continued train operations.
  • Reduce disruptive access.
  • Reduce site operative support requirements.
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