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Crane operations – Structures work at Lostock and Dixon Fold

SB Rail’s cranes are suited to undertaking a variety of structural works. Higher power, reach and versatility of a rail crane can reduce the number of machines and movements required on site, increasing productivity and improving safety.

Footbridge replacement works were carried out at Lostock and Dixon Fold on behalf of AMCO over separate weekend possessions during the spring of 2015. The redundant structures were lifted out and removed from site during a twelve hour shift and the new footbridges and concrete supports were brought into the site and installed during a second twelve hour shift.

The client’s main consideration for selecting SB Rail’s KRC 250 was the flexibility offered by the all-in-one delivery, installation and removal of materials within the constraints of a tight shutdown period.

Three sections of footbridge were installed at each site with a lengths and weights of 15 meters / 14 tonnes at Lostock and 12 meters / 11 tonnes at Dixon Fold. The redundant footbridges were removed in sections with weights of 14 tons from each site.


  • Access and lift in difficult locations.
  • Greater power and maneuverability.
  • Increase lifting and load capacities.
  • Reduce number of machines on site.
  • Eliminate sway with rigid load attachment.
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Deck installation at Dixon Fold

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Our fleet of on-track machines is the most advanced in the UK, including the latest tamping, ballast management, and crane technologies available.

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